Are Window Shutters Burglar-Proof?

Security shutters are a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your home. They look and work similarly to regular plantation blinds, and when properly installed, they can deter potential intruders. Some hurricane shutters are more resistant to theft than others, but they may not be completely burglar-proof as they can be easily opened or removed. Plantation style shutters made with wood offer a lightweight option for your window and can be adapted to the shape of your window.

In the 1950s, owners of large California homes with large windows were looking for interior window covers with wide louvers so that they could see and manage the area's famous bright sunlight. As such, roller blinds are suitable for use as residential security blinds and to help keep thieves away. With these secure blinds in place and closed, you can keep the window open all night to enjoy the cool breeze. Safety and security are important to you and your family, which is why shutters are such a smart choice for any home.

Although the operation of the shutter is really simple, a lot is happening inside the shutter. Instead of unsightly anti-theft deterrent elements, such as roller blinds or railings, the S-Craft Portchester range of aluminum blinds offers an elegant and versatile security option. The main difference between traditional blinds and plantation blinds is mainly the width of each shutter. In addition to the more traditional methods mentioned above, more and more homeowners are turning to shutters as an additional security measure.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the United States adopted a trend of shutters that had been seen in Europe, in which, in some cases, shutters were installed instead of glass to protect homes. Window covers with louvers much wider than traditional shutters were attached to the outside of large American stately homes on plantation estates, hence the name “plantation shutters”. Think of your windows as a layer of security and the closed shutters in your plantation as an extra layer. Blinds are installed in your home to control sunlight, protect against the elements, increase ventilation, privacy and for purely decorative reasons. Not all plantation shutters are made with real wood, although many window coverings may look like wood.

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