What is the Most Popular Shutter Style for Homes?

Blinds with shutters are a classic choice for any home, especially those with a historic feel. Ranch-style blinds, like those from Cape Cod, offer a wide range of styles to choose from. Signs of the right shutter style can be found throughout the house. The most common style of shutter installed in ranch-type homes is the panel shutter, which adds a touch of formality to the exterior.

Board and slatted blinds, on the other hand, can give ranch homes a cozy country atmosphere. Get creative and customize your own blinds with a cut-out design. Boats, stars and geometric shapes are popular options for this style that became popular in the 1920s. Raised panel blinds are another traditional style that works well with any country-style home or modern homes influenced by that design.

Each shutter has one or two flat, raised panels in the center of a sturdy wooden frame. Look for plain or stained wood to show off the natural grain, as well as bright, eye-catching tones to add some cheer. Board & slat blinds are one of the oldest styles of blinds and can still be found in many homes today. The warm and inviting look of & cardboard slatted blinds offer the perfect amount of charm for homeowners who want that cozy country house atmosphere.

The most common outdoor shutter options for Greek Renaissance homes were flat-panel and truss shutters. Blinds are a complete window treatment solution that provide shade, help cool the house and make it look great, even adding resale value in some cases. These decorative blinds with raised panels and a matching planter combine to create a formal and welcoming country garden style. Place the Bahamian blinds on their telescopic arms for angled shade, or close them against the window for safety reasons.

Mission Style blinds are the preferred style of shutter for Craftsman style homes (also called Arts and Crafts style homes). The windows on the first floor used to have panel shutters for more privacy and protection from the weather, pests and intruders. These gorgeous blinds are often used to add color and intrigue to the exterior of a home, lining up either side of the window. If you're looking for a nice rustic cottage-style look, & cardboard slatted shutters or panel shutters with cut-out designs are an excellent option.

If you love the look of panel shutters but don't want to be like everyone else, there are a few different types of panel shutter designs. Table and slat shutters are a more primitive design that probably originated in rural areas away from craftsmen who manufactured shutters with panels and blinds. The second floor used to have shutter-type blinds for colonial houses since they provided ventilation and heat control. Bermuda blinds also create texture and are ideal for windows that receive too much light and heat inside the house. As such, choosing shutters for colonial houses follows their traditional functionality.

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