What Hinges to Use for Window Shutters?

Non-embedded hinges are the most popular choice for blinds today. Unlike recessed hinges, these have flags that fit together when the shutters are closed, eliminating the need to cut the shutter panel or frame. Horizontal belt hinges are commonly used in homes across the country. Each hinge is composed of two parts.

The long, narrow band, which comes in various lengths, is attached to the surface at the top, bottom or divider of the shutter with screws. A separate pivot that points upwards is secured to the front housing. One end of the strap will rest on the pivot, while the other end will be adorned with a circle, bean or heart-shaped end. Two hinges per shutter are usually enough, but a third hinge may be necessary to support very large wooden or heavy composite blinds.

The strap hinges can be used to install outdoor blinds inside the window opening or floating in front. The length of the strap must be at least 3 inches shorter than the width of the outer shutter. Standard strap hinges are not visible when the blinds are open. A reverse-mount outer strap hinge is designed to be screwed onto the back of the panel, making the outer shutter hardware stand out when the panels lean either way.

Blinds or other devices are needed to keep the blinds closed across the width of the window. Butt hinges are the simplest type of shutter hinges, and John Wright's are designed to last and keep your home beautiful and protected. Surface-mount hinges are attached to the front (or, in some cases, to the back) of wooden exterior blinds and to the front of the window frame. Enhance your home's outdoor blinds with decorative hinges from House of Antique Hardware.

This type of hinge can place the blinds inside a deep window opening or make them float in front of a shallow opening. Unlike surface-mounted straps, they are embedded in both the edge of the shutter and in the inner edge of the window frame (just like an interior door hinge). Mortise hinges can only be used when composite or wooden shutters fit inside a window opening. Successful installation starts with selecting the right type of exterior shutter hinges for your window.

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