What Holds Shutters in Place? - An Expert's Guide

Shutters are a great way to add style and charm to your home, but it's important to know how to keep them securely attached. Moorings, also known as shutter bolts, are available in a variety of designs and are used to keep the blinds in place. Mounted directly below the open shutter panel, they rotate horizontally, allowing you to open and close the shutters when needed. The designs are intentionally asymmetrical, so that the shutter rests naturally in an upright position.

Even purely decorative blinds fixed to the wall are visually enhanced with this charming hardware element. To install the shutters, place them firmly on the top and bottom of the window opening and ask an assistant to hold them in place. Mounting accessories for installing blinds are usually included with the new blinds. These fasteners can be metal screws or plastic fasteners and are suitable for attaching outdoor blinds to wood, aluminum, vinyl, stucco, hardboard, brick or masonry.

They are known by a variety of terms including sealing closures, sealing plugs and sealing peaks. Always consult the shutter manufacturer's specifications for specific instructions. When open, the blinds protrude from the house and are held in place by a rotating metal tie (also called a shutter knob), a hook or a latch. If your blinds are purely decorative, you'll also find a full range of false hinges and false blinds.

Bahamian blinds can be attached to the house with pivots and hinges, just like a colonial shutter, but turned sideways. Colonial-style blinds consist of two vertical panels that are located on the left and right of the window. To achieve traditional charm and visual appeal, few things enhance the exterior of your home like shutters. In this common type of installation, the closed shutter is located on the surface of the structure, outside the window cavity. While you have the blinds mounted on easels, place and tighten a pull and bolt the latch to one of the shutters.

The shutter braces, sometimes referred to as “shutter bolts” or “ties”, are used to keep the shutter in the open position. Once both shutters are firmly in the window housing, place them carefully so that they are centered and surrounded by a ¼ inch space on all sides. It is very important that the blinds have the correct height, width and thickness when using this style, as they must be inside the window cavity. Shutters can be decorative for architectural details that make windows stand out, to protect them from storms or simply to provide shade. To ensure your shutters stay securely attached to your home's exterior walls, it's important to use moorings or shutter bolts.

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