Are Window Shutters the Best Option for Insulation?

Blinds are an excellent choice for insulation as they enclose the window frame and create a sealed effect. This construction is better at preventing heat transfer than traditional blinds, and the specific R values will vary depending on the window's construction and the configuration of the shutter. Your windows can lose up to 30 percent of your home's heating and cooling, according to the U. S.

Department of State. That's where energy-efficient shutters, blinds, and shades come in, providing optimal light management while keeping your home more comfortable in winter and cooler in summer. Louver Shop blinds are among the most popular approaches to increasing energy conservation while maintaining the appearance of your residence. We have a model that will certainly suit your rooms, whether you want the look of real stained wood blinds or fresh white synthetic wood shutters.

During a free in-home consultation with one of our design professionals, you can review all your options. We'll bring samples to your living room, measure your windows, and offer you our all-inclusive quote. The right blinds beautify your home while increasing energy efficiency. We have what you need with Louver Shop plantation blinds.

You select the material, grille width, and color, and we'll create great custom blinds here in the US just for your home. The best shutter material makes a significant difference when it comes to window insulation. Energy efficiency is commonly calculated using the R value, which takes into account the thermal resistance of materials. The higher the range, the better the insulation.

Synthetic wood blinds, also known as PVC or polymer blinds, have an R value of 3.17 according to a study by the Smart Energy Alliance – making them the highest R-value for plantation shutters. Real wood shutters are right behind synthetic wood with an R value of 2.77. Made of wood with very large panels, our premium Heritage blinds bring great style to your residence. If you're looking for a spectacular visual effect for your windows, our exclusive blinds include a profiled tilting bar and slanted grilles. Classic blinds – our most sought after hybrid blinds for plantations – include the most desired components of our upper blinds.

Classic blinds incorporate the strength of solid wood frames and the energy efficiency of engineered wood blinds. With Louver Shop shutters, you can have an attractive and energy efficient home for many years to come. Schedule a free in-home consultation today to start designing the plantation shutters of your dreams – buy from an accredited locally-owned company! Start by exploring our hundreds of styles and designs for blinds, shades, and shutters. Not all materials are manufactured the same way, and not all shutters provide the same level of insulation – we have a large selection of different materials available so there is a suitable material for every window and every home.

The main argument for curtain blinds is that they offer different degrees of insulation and light control – plus long-term benefits like greater privacy in rooms and light control in rooms. If your windows aren't square, you may have larger gaps that can be sealed with wooden wedges or roll-up strips painted to match the shutter – because they are placed directly on the window frame they don't move in the breeze or drafts like curtains do. A study by Newcastle University School of Engineering found that blinds provide up to 10% more insulation than curtains – plus choosing the right color palette for your blinds will play an important role in sustained insulation too! Of all options tested – including curtains and blinds – wooden shutters were considered to be the most effective option for preventing heat loss from windows. If you need to insulate large windows and are looking for ultimate durability and style then wooden blinds are definitely worth considering.

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