How Long Do Window Shutters Last? - An Expert's Guide

Window shutters are a great way to add style and durability to your home. With proper care, they can last up to 20 years, making them a long-term investment. Wooden shutters are the most durable, but synthetic wood shutters are a cheaper and still reliable alternative. Custom-made shutters are the best choice for windows with special shapes, such as circles, trapezoids or angled covers.

The longevity of your shutters depends on the climate you live in and the material they're made of. In dry climates, wooden shutters can last more than a decade, while in more humid climates, they may be more susceptible to mold, rot, or pests. To make sure your wooden shutters last longer than 10 years, you may need to do some maintenance. Neutral colors like pure white or silk white are popular choices for window treatments because they remain timeless over time.

Shutters are more durable than blinds because they are permanently attached to the window and made of thicker materials. They also provide an additional barrier between the interior of the room and the window glass, trapping warm air when needed and blocking out the sun when trying to cool a room. When it comes to choosing window treatments for your home, shutters are an excellent option for both style and longevity. Professional installation is worth it compared to the more than 50 years your shutters will last.

So why not invest in custom-made shutters for your windows?.

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