What are Shutter Hinges and How to Choose the Right Ones

Hinges mounted on the edges, or mortise hinges, are similar to door hinges as they are placed on the outside shutter closest to the window. The L-type hinges are a modified version of the long horizontal strap hinge, also known as a New York-style hinge. This type of hinge can be used for narrow blinds, to achieve a better pivot mounting location, or simply as a visual preference. Hinges are essential for transforming your blinds from simply beautiful to beautiful from a functional point of view.

Timberlane offers you options that work with all types of mounting configurations, ensuring that you get the parts you need. Blind hinges come in various lengths, spacings and constructions to work with every window in your home. Blinds are one of the most important components of the house. In addition to acting as an outdoor architectural accent that accentuates windows, they also protect against external elements, such as heavy rains and hailstorms, and provide shade from the sun.

However, they are not functional without shutter hinges that allow them to be mobile and fulfill their purpose. In this common type of installation, the closed shutter is located on the surface of the structure, outside the window cavity. This will depend on the coating around the window, the presence of moldings, the type of blinds used and the depth at which they are placed on the window. The shutter braces, sometimes referred to as “shutter bolts” or “ties,” are used to keep the shutter in the open position.

Shutters can be decorative for architectural details that make windows stand out, to protect them from storms, or simply to provide shade. Two hinges per shutter are usually sufficient, but a third hinge may be necessary to support extremely large wooden or heavy composite blinds. It is very important that the blinds have the correct height, width and thickness when using this style, as they must be inside the window cavity. Bahamian blinds can be attached to the house with pivots and hinges, just like a colonial shutter, but turned sideways.

From maintenance-free vinyl outdoor blinds in the low price range to high-quality wood blinds, along with the best quality composite wood blinds and fully composite shutters made of polymers and fiberglass that will last a lifetime. The space between the structure and the shutter allows air movement, keeping the shutter and coating drier by eliminating trapped moisture that can occur when nailing or screwing them to the structure. Successful installation begins with selecting the right type of exterior shutter hinges for your window. Most importantly, you'll have to make sure there's space between the shutter and window as you'll have to use other accessories such as a pull ring or sliding bolt. Colonial-style blinds are the most popular and consist of two vertical panels located on either side of your window.

This type of hinge can place your blinds inside a deep window opening or make them float in front of a shallow opening. The easy removal of hinge-mounted blinds without damaging them and being able to easily repaint all six sides will ensure that your blinds last a lifetime. Often times blinds that are nailed or bolted to a structure are damaged when removed or not removed and only end up on front which does not protect them and they end up being replaced before their useful life is over.

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