What Holds Shutters Open? A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to shutters, there are a few different components that work together to keep them in place. Fully mounted hinges, moorings, and shutter bolts are all essential for keeping shutters open and secure. In this article, we'll explore the different types of shutter accessories available and how they can be used to express your style. Hinges are the most common type of shutter accessory.

They are embedded in the sides of the shutters and are only visible when the shutters are closed. Moorings, also known as shutter bolts, come in a variety of historic and whimsical designs. They keep the shutters in place and can be used to add a unique touch to your home. When closed, shutters should be angled downwards and away from the house to allow water to run off the window they cover.

Even if you don't plan on opening and closing your shutters often, you can still benefit from functional shutter closures and other accessories. The part of the hinge that is attached to the house contains a pivot point which allows the shutter to move freely. It's important to make sure that shutter anchors are installed correctly. If they are installed too far beyond the edge of the shutter panel, it can reduce their efficiency.

Shutters should be flush against the window frame and facade with no shadows for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Operable shutters quickly became popular in the 19th century, although fixed shutters with blinds remained popular until the beginning of the 20th century. When there are two blinds (right and left), they should be mounted so that when closed, they rest on the face of the window housing instead of the shutter stop. When removing blinds, it's important to do so carefully so as not to damage them.

Blinds that are nailed or bolted to a structure can be easily removed without damaging them and can be repainted on all six sides for a longer lifespan. There is a wide selection of shutter accessories available for you to choose from. Each one has its own particular styles and specifications, allowing you to customize your shutter project with both decorative and functional elements.

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