Should You Paint or Replace Your Shutters?

When it comes to updating or changing your shutters, painting vinyl blinds is often the most cost-effective solution. This process involves removing the shutter, washing it, and usually spraying it with a layer of spray paint. Vinyl shutters are a popular choice because they are relatively inexpensive and require no maintenance. However, they should be inspected regularly to make sure they look and perform optimally.

The most common issue is discoloration, which can occur over time as the shutters are exposed to constant sunlight. What many people don't know is that vinyl can be painted to restore the color or give it a new look. Experienced professionals have the expertise to choose the right paint that won't damage vinyl for your blinds. Vinyl blinds work well with both glossy and semi-gloss finishes, so they're a great option for your blinds.

Most professionals charge per blind rather than per window, and an expert can usually finish painting one blind in about an hour.

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