What Colors Are Available for Window Shutters?

The colors of window shutters can have a huge impact on the look of the exterior of your home. They are often used to show off an accent color in the home's exterior color scheme, such as black, navy blue, gray, white, dark brown, green, blue, or red. Black shutters are the most popular choice and are used as an accent color more than any other. This is because black doesn't easily show dust and dirt.

Dark brown shutters are also a popular choice because they look great and require very little maintenance. The colors in the dark brown category include Sienna Brown, Chocolate Chip, and Bronze. Potters Clay and Sandalwood are light brown shutters that can complement almost any base color in the house. If you can't find a standard shutter color that fits your needs, ShutterLand also offers shutter panels that can be painted.

Despite all the great shutter colors available, sometimes using natural wood shutters is the best design option.

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