Types of Hardware for Window Shutters

When it comes to installing outdoor blinds in your home, there are a lot of things to consider. From hinges to pivots, the sheer number of window treatments available can be overwhelming. Hinges mounted on the edges, or mortise hinges, are similar to door hinges and are placed on the outside shutter closest to the window. False hinges are also available for those who want the look of decorative hinges without the hassle and cost of installing real outdoor shutter hardware.

Lynn Cove Foundry and Forge offers a variety of blinds for your home. It's important to know which shutter hardware is best suited for your home material, as each one has its own particular styles and specifications. This allows you to customize your shutter project with a decorative or functional function. Even if you don't plan on opening and closing the blinds, you can still benefit from functional shutter closures and other accessories.

Plank and slat-style cedar shutters are easy to build and can help renew the curb appeal of your home. These blinds are both beautiful and functional, protecting your window from even the most brutal wind storms. If you choose exterior blinds that don't show the window frame when closed, it's more effective to use a surface-mounted hinge. French doors topped with a curved window in the aft mirror and framed with antique shutters offer charming curb appeal to this stately style home in Atlanta, Georgia.

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